Selena Gomez opens up about her disturbed relation with Justin Bieber

By | September 10, 2020

US popular singer Selena Gomez’s past and failed relationship with singer Justin Bieber has often been the matter of gossips.

However, Selena was actually much disturbed with her ongoing romantic relationship with Bieber.

In her latest interview, the former Disney star opened up about her relationship with Bieber and how it felt ‘claustrophobic.’

“My personal life was out everywhere. It felt very claustrophobic and just…I felt very trapped,” she told.

Years later, Gomez is in a much better place and has full control of her life and what parts of her life go public and what go private.

“I am in full control of my life and everything that I do, what is out there, everything. I would like to say, yes. I am in charge of everything in my life,” she said.

She also opened up about her bipolar disorder and how she would always try her best to be truthful and sincere to her fans about her feelings and emotions.

“I have always had so many different emotions and I didn’t know how to control them quite well,” she said.

“It was complicated. But I think I’m happy to understand it. Once I did find out more about who I was, I was proud. I also felt comfortable knowing that I wasn’t alone and I was going to get through it. So I will always be passionate about that. It’s something I will continue to talk about,” she added.

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