The Movie of Matthew McConaughey: The Dark Tower

By | June 6, 2023

The Dark Tower is directed by Nikolaj Arcel, and its main actors are Idris Elba, who previously acted in Beast, and Matthew McConaughey, who acted in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

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The film commences in a Mid-World camp where numerous children are held captive. Creatures disguised in synthetic skins round up the children and transport a few of them to a machine. Overseeing the operation is Walter Padick, also known as The Man in Black. One girl is fastened to the machine, and her shine is harnessed to unleash a powerful blast toward The Dark Tower.

Meanwhile, teenager Jake Chambers experiences this vivid sequence as part of a dream during an earthquake. Jake resides in New York City with his mother, Laurie, and stepfather Lon, with whom he shares a strained relationship. It has been a year since Jake’s father, Elmar, perished while attempting to save people in a fire. Jake seeks therapy for his behavior and recurring dreams of Mid-World, which he portrays through his drawings. Unfortunately, his dreams are dismissed as mere trauma resulting from Elmar’s demise.

Jake sketches another of his dreams at school, only to have his sketchbook snatched by a bully. Reacting impulsively, Jake punches the bully and continues to attack until other students intervened.

In Mid-World, Roland Deschain, also known as The Gunslinger, accompanies his father, Steven, in the woods. As they hear Walter’s voice, they prepare their guns and recite the Gunslinger’s creed. Walter materializes and employs his manipulative magic to suffocate Steven, killing him. However, Roland proves immune to Walter’s sorcery. He attempts to shoot Walter, but the bullets are effortlessly caught. Simultaneously, Jake stumbles upon an abandoned house depicted in one of his dreams. Curious, he searches an online forum for its location.

Impostors claiming to be from a psychiatric center come to take Jake away, but he notices their fake identities and escapes. Encouraged by a forum response about the house, Jake seizes the chance to investigate, evading the villains through the city streets skillfully. Jake arrives in Brooklyn and locates the house. Inside, he discovers a machine that activates a portal to Mid-World. Stepping through the portal, Jake traverses the expansive desert and eventually encounters Roland in the woods. Initially mistrustful, Roland becomes convinced of Jake’s authenticity after witnessing his dream drawings and experiences in Mid-World. Roland elucidates Walter’s scheme of employing children with “shine” to destroy The Dark Tower, the nexus connecting Mid-World with Earth. Should Walter succeed, he would unleash monstrous entities into both realms.

During the night, Jake experiences a hallucination of his father beckoning him. Despite Roland’s attempts to dissuade him, Jake grasps his father’s hand, revealing a hideous monster. The creature masquerades as Roland’s deceased father to deceive him, but Roland remains vigilant and ultimately slays the monster.

In Walter’s lair, he discovers that Jake has activated the portal. One of his minions provides information about Jake’s identity, prompting Walter to realize the immense power of Jake’s shine. He sets off for Earth to investigate, arriving at Jake’s apartment, where Laurie and Lon confront him. Walter kills Lon and coerces Laurie to lead him to Jake’s room, where he finds Jake’s drawings, confirming Jake’s knowledge of Mid-World.

Roland escorts Jake to a village of seers. The village is attacked, but Roland manages to save Jake from abduction. Returning to Earth, they discover Walter killed Jake’s mother. Roland promises revenge, training Jake as a Gunslinger. Roland loses track of Jake, who was captured by Walter. Roland confronts Walter and defeats his minions. With Jake’s help, Roland kills Walter, frees Jake, and destroys the lair. They return to Earth, where Roland invites Jake to join him in Mid-World, and they venture through the portal together.

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