Singer Shakira’s new ‘Luck’ ran away from the fans | Latest Entertainment 2021

By | February 6, 2021

Entertainment News 2021 | Singer Shakira’s new ‘Luck’ ran away from the fans | Latest Entertainment 2021 |

Leading singer and actress Shakira shared her new look with fans.

According to the details, singer Shakira’s new ‘Luck’ is well liked by the fans.

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Singer Shakira changed her hair style and color on the Instagram account of the foot and video sharing app and posted a video and photo calling it a surprise for the fans.

However, her new look is being lauded by her fans and her video and photo have received millions of likes so far.

It should be noted that Shakira’s music video ‘Girl Like Me’, which was released on December 4, was also very popular, which was viewed more than 200 million times on YouTube in almost two months.

However, Shakira expressed happiness over the record popularity of Shakira music video and also thanked the fans through her social media accounts.

Shakira’s fans also joined in the joy on her Instagram account and once again her shared video was viewed by millions of people and thousands of people also congratulated her in the comments section.

It should be noted that Shakira said with reference to the video that during the preparation of the music video, everyone had a good time.

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