Saudi Arabia imposed a major embargo | Latest News 2021

By | July 28, 2021

Saudi Arabia imposed a major embargo | Latest News 2021

Saudi Arab The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has announced that anyone traveling to countries where travel is prohibited due to Corona will be barred from entering Saudi Arabia for three years.

According to the details Saudi Arab Saudi Arabia will also have a three-year ban on direct travel to or from any of the banned countries announced by the Interior Ministry.

A statement issued by the Interior Ministry said that if a Saudi citizen travels to the banned countries, he will be severely fined on his return and will have to stay out of the country for three years.

In addition, if a country in which the corona epidemic has not been brought under control or the altered form of corona is spreading rapidly in that country, travel to that country will be banned, while violators will be banned from Saudi Arabia for three years. They will not be allowed to enter Arabia.

Saudi officials have warned citizens to stay away from epidemic-affected areas and not to travel to areas where there is instability due to the epidemic, while taking the necessary precautions to prevent coronavirus while traveling at home and abroad. Follow the tips.

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