Urwa Hocane giving major travel goals

By | September 12, 2020

Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane who recently is in Skardu is giving everyone a major vacations goals as she uploaded new pictures from the trip.

Taking to her Instagram account, the Udaari actress uploaded multiple pictures of herself having the time of her life. She wrote,

“Took a moment to see the beauty on this spot in Satpara as I was on my way to Deosai! The sweet little town behind me is Satpara Village and also got to see the Satpara Dam on the way! Deosai is the second-highest plateau in the world, 12000 feet above sea level ! Felt like a travel milestone achieved! Swipe left to see the winning face!”

Urwa can be seen wearing a traditional Balti cap with a pink and maroon t-shirt paired with a pink stole.

Earlier, Urwa posted a picture of her surrounded by beautiful scenery while enjoying a boat ride in Skardu’s lake.

She captioned the picture as,

“One can discover new oceans only if they have the courage to lose sight of the shore! Although this is a lake you know what I mean.”


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