Online or On-Campus Exams: HEC Issues Guidelines

By | January 28, 2021


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) directed the universities to conduct fair examinations to the best of their ability.

According to details, the meeting of Vice Chancellors of Universities chaired by Chairman HEC ended.

The HEC instructed universities to conduct fair examinations to the best of their ability, saying that universities could conduct online or on-campus examinations to assess student performance.

The HEC has allowed universities to conduct examinations at its discretion.

The HEC carefully considered the concerns raised by students of some universities and the concerns of students in consultation with the Vice Chancellors of all the provinces.

According to the HEC, universities should take online exams only if they have an open book exam system or a system that can monitor students taking the exam.
In this case, universities should also check for plagiarism through plagiarism. In addition, universities should later include an oral test or ‘Viva’ for online exams.

The HEC has directed universities to strictly adhere to Coronavirus SOPs in the case of on-campus examinations. In the case of on-campus examinations, if students feel that the course is not covered, then universities should also arrange special classes for two weeks before the examination.

Examinations for all courses requiring psychomotor skills, such as medicine, engineering, or subjects requiring a laboratory or studio, may be conducted on campus only.

In addition, the HEC has made it mandatory for universities to test all students enrolled in a single course in the same way.

It may be recalled that universities in Pakistan have been opening for on-campus education since February 1. The HEC says that since March 2020, the commission has been monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic situation and working with universities to minimize student harm. All instructions in this regard are available on the HEC website.

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