Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted two teenagers; lawsuit filed

By | September 10, 2020

American actor Kevin Spacey is facing a lawsuit for sexually assaulting actor Anthony Rapp and an anonymous man when they were 14 years old.

Rapp, star of Star Trek: Discovery, had earlier opened up about the alleged encounter in 2017, saying Kevin Spacey had made unsolicited sexual advances towards him while he was only 14.

The lawsuit states that he met the ill-famed actor in 1986 while he was performing for Broadway’s Precious Sons, after which Spacey had invited him for a party at his Manhattan residence for a party.

The accuser further details in the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit that the accused ‘intentionally and voluntarily and without plaintiff’s consent engaged in an unwanted sexual advance with a 14 year old and grabbed then infant plaintiff.’

The docs reveal how Rapp ran towards the bathroom and following a few minutes, headed for the exit before the actor “tried to persuade plaintiff to stay but plaintiff refused and quickly left the defendant’s apartment.”

The other alleged victim, who is going under the pseudonym of C.D. claims he and Spacey met while he was only 12 during an acting class that was being taught by him in 1981 in Westchester County.

Spacey invited C.D. to his apartment two years later where, the plaintiff recalls, he “engaged in sexual acts with plaintiff, C.D., while the plaintiff was 14 years old.”

As per the docs, the sexual encounters continued “on different occasions.”

The two victims are filing the lawsuit for unspecified damages.

However, more than 30 individuals have accused Spacey of sexual misconduct.

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