Esra Bilgiç’s childhood pictures will make you love her even more

By | September 12, 2020

Stunning Turkish star Esra Bilgiç, who rose to fame after her iconic performance as Halime Sultan in Dirilis: Ertugtul, is ruling hearts of millions with her beautiful onscreen appearances.

But now, Esra’s childhood pictures will make you love her even more.

The actress will be seen in the new season of popular action drama Ramo, to be aired on September 18. She is more than to show a different side of her .

Esra was born on October 14, 1992, in Ankara, Turkey.  She will be turning 28 this year. At such a young age, the Turkish beauty has conquered the entertainment industry with her acting skills and never ending beauty.

She is also known for her expressive eyes as well as for her natural beauty. The Turkish actress seems to be a beach lover, as she has shared a number of trips at the beach.

Now, have a look at these top childhood pictures of Esra Bilgiç which will melt your heart at once.

Esra Bilgiç

Esra Bilgiç

Earlier, Esra Bilgiç aka Halime Sultan had tried several Pakistani dishes and picked ‘chicken biryani’ as her favourite Pakistani dish.

In a video circulating online, Esra had tried the Pakistani cuisine.

She had bites various dishes including chicken karahi, Gol Gappay, biryani, and other, which she found much spicy. However, the actress chose ‘Biryani’ as number one.

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