Angelina Jolie surprises Lemonade stand boys with donation, letter

By | September 8, 2020

Hollywood’s leading diva, Angelina Jolie who usually come froth for the betterment of the society with the help of her status.

The actress recently lent a helping hand to Yemen in the middle of its humanitarian crisis by providing financial support.

The country is presently enduring a myriad of problems alongside the coronavirus pandemic, with poor sanitation, floods and lack of healthcare.

According to UNICEF, over 12.2 million Yemeni children are currently in need of humanitarian aid.

Ayaan Moose and Mikaeel Ishaaq, two young boys from Britain decided to do all they can to help the country in need by setting up a lemonade stall outside their residence.

‘Lemonade for Yemen-Aid’ read their stall sign which ended up gaining attention on international platforms.

However, Angelina Jolie too caught the word about the stand.

According to reports, the actor sent the boys a handwritten note along with a generous donation: “Dear Ayaan and Mikaeel. Thank you for what you and your friends are doing to help children in Yemen. I’m sorry I’m not able to buy a lemonade from you, but I’d still like to make a donation to your stand. Love, [signed by Angelina].”

Adeela Moosa, the mother of Ayaan, told: “When we first told them about it we got blank faces back because they had no idea who she was. So we had to watch Tomb Raider for them to get how famous she is.”

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