Actress Nimra Khan injured after falling down the stairs

By | September 8, 2020

Actress Nimra Khan is not feeling well these days as she got injured from a minor accident at home.

Uraan actress took to Instagram and informed her followers that she fell a flight of stairs. She got injuries on her nose and head.

In the photos, Nimra can be seen as having a bandage around her wound. She captioned one of the photos, “As long as you are genuinely thankful for the things that you have, you will be happy”.

However, she is glad that she did not get major injuries. “So painful. Internal head injury. Thank God but not Major [sic].”

Nimra Khan got married in April in a small ceremony at home with just close family members on the 19th of April.

Nimra shared an endearing photo on Instagram with her husband wrote: Alhamdulillah #nikahfied.”

She further wrote that she need prayers and positivity from her fans and she loves her family and in laws.

The actress said she got married with the person of her parent’s choice and she will settle in London but will not stop working as her husband wants her to work too. Nimra’s reception will be held after quarantine.

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